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Bulbacast season 3
Episode 4
Recorded October 7, 2007
Released October 9, 2007
Hosts TSS_Killer, Satoshi-kun, FullMasta, PPNSteve
Editor PPNSteve
Guests none
Call-ins Archer9234, Sailorclef, Angerman, PikachuTrAiNeR
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Format MP3
File Size  ??? MB
Length  ?:?? minutes
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Format MP3
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Length  ?:?? minutes
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Bulbacast Season 3 Episode 4 was recorded on October 7, 2007 and released on October 9, 2007.

Topics discussed

  • DP049 - ポケモンコンテスト!ヨスガ大会!! Pokémon Contest! Yosuga Convention!! is the 49th episode of Diamond & Pearl. It first aired in Japan on October 4, 2007 as part of a two-hour special alongside DP050.
  • DP050 - 全員参加!タッグバトル!! All Members Participate! Tag Battle!! is the 50th episode of Diamond & Pearl. It first aired in Japan on October 4, 2007 as part of a two-hour special alongside DP049.
  • Archer9234 recorded his call-in with the Hey you, Pikachu! microphone which works with PC's.
  • FullMasta turned 20 years old during the recording of this episode.

Call-in questions

  • Archer9234: Question 1: What would you like fixed in the latest Pokemon games?
    • 1. Pokemon Contests in the Underground should have been online.
    • 2. Battle Handheld to Console.
    • 3. Leave the Elite 4 after you have beat it the first time.
    • 4. Ability to skip text.
    • 5. Remove 24 hour migration limit.
    • 6. Allow access to the boxes in the battle rooms or trade centers.
    • 7. Allow the ability to trade friends codes when you exchange records.
    • 8. Bring back the item storage feature.
    • 9. Customizable Characters.
    • 10. Remove the battle room in Pokemon Center and combine it in the Union Room.
    • 11. Let us trade items without trading Pokemon.
    • 12. Let people trade Pokemon from one end.
    • 13. Ability to release eggs.
    • 14. Handhelds need to be able to force levels.
    • 15. Ability to migrate HM's.
    • 16. Ability to save more than one game.
    • 17. Removing the permanent migration.
    • 18. Why does the Pokemon World have regenerating Rocks and Trees?
    • 19. An option to disable confirmation.
    • 20. Area Affects. Area affects should be maintained throughout the battle.
  • Archer9234: Question 2: Would it be interesting if the Pokemon anime producers asked Game Freak to write a specific episode for the show?
  • Sailorclef: Question 1: I am greatly upset that there are no great candy bars in the current generation of games.
    • Satoshi-kun suggests attempting to contact Game Freak to submit suggestion.
    • Other items such as the Rage Candy Bar are also not present. FullMasta explains that there are a lot more items in the current games than there were in previous versions.
    • PPN also explains that he remembered that Game Freak removed some items to make more room for more game features.
  • Sailorclef: Question 2: Why do Pokemon fans insist on calling all the male game characters Ash even though they have different names like Brandon?
    • Satoshi-kun explains that Ash is synonymous with the male game characters because most people recognize his name better than the default game names.
  • Angerman: What would be your ideal Pokemon game for the Wii?
    • The cast agrees that a MMORPG needs to be released.
  • PikachuTrAiNeR: Question 1: The dub has specifically stated that contests are held once a year. How do you think PUSA will handle this if Hikari returns to participate in the Hearthome Convention?
  • PikachuTrAiNeR: Question 2: How do you think the games will compare to the anime in this current generation?

Question of the Week

  • What is your favourite Opening/Ending in the Pokemon Anime?
  • What is the most useless Pokemon in battle? (excluding Luvdisc)