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Bulbanews administrators are users who have been granted administrative powers by the board of editors. They are not regularly expected to contribute to Bulbanews, but have been granted power based on contributions to Bulbanews in the past or to other Bulbagarden wiki projects such as Bulbapedia.

If an administrator listed here wishes to be more involved in the news process, they may be more suited to a Writer or Senior Writer position.

List of administrators

Username Activity Since Location Position Interests
Fabu-Vinny Inactive November 7, 2005 England Flag.png England Former member of the Board of Editors Anime
Jo The Marten Active April 3, 2012 United States Flag.png United States Bulbapedia Editorial Board member Video games, Anime, TCG, Manga (Adventures)
While Bulbanews makes every effort to keep this list updated, this list may contain more recent information.


Administrators are able to:

  • Block users and IP addresses
  • Publish news articles
  • Protect pages
    • Unprotect pages
    • Edit protected pages
  • Delete pages/revisions
    • Restore pages/revisions
  • Revert edits with one click
  • Use the article patrol feature on the recent changes list.
  • Check user IP addresses

Users in the Bureaucrat group have all Administrator grouprights in addition to their own.

Becoming an administrator

Administrative powers can be granted by a bureaucrat; however, the board of editors has the final say on the issue. Generally, the administrator usergroup is reserved for senior Bulbagarden staff members who have served staff roles on Bulbanews in the past or for current high-ranking Bulbapedia staff members.

Bulbanews staff usergroups
Editorial staff Board of Editors
Technical staff BureaucratsAdministratorsSupport StaffBots
News staff WritersSenior WritersColumnists