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{{Bulbacast episode infobox|
#REDIRECT [[Bulbacast:Episodes]]
series=Bulbacast Season 4 |
number=1 |
recorded=September 6, 2009 |
released=September 9, 2009 |
hosts=AiedailEclipsed, PokémonTrainerLisa, YeOldeJacob, & ♥Leeney Rosé♥ |
editor=Moises |
Runtime=00:00 |
guestspeakers=immewnity |
callins=— }}
'''Bulbacast Season 4 Episode 1''' was recorded on September 6, 2009 and released on September 9, 2009.
==Topics discussed==
*'''HGSS''': General speculation discussion.
*'''Manga''': [[Amazon, Shogakukan announce six manga release dates|New mangas announced]]
*'''TCG''': {{TCG|Platinum: Arceus}}
*'''Anime''': {{bp|DP142}}, ''The Worst {{p|Togepi|Togepy}} Ever!'' (史上最悪のトゲピー!), which aired in Japan on September 10, 2009.
*Knight Pokémon University announcement
==Questions of the Week==
There were no Questions of the Week in this episode.
*This cast had a huge error in it; half of the cast had reverberation.
*This episode was released exactly 2 years after [[Bulbacast:BC3-004|BC3-004]].
*[ BC4-001 Discussion]
*[ Download]

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