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Recorded on Guests Topics
BC001 November 20, 2005 Winter AG155, Pokémon Ranger, etc.
BC002 December 26, 2005 Zhen Lin; WaterPokemonMaster, Winter AG156, AG157, movie 8, 4Kids & Pokémon USA
BC003 January 2, 2006 DoctorOak, Ekowc Trivia, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl speculation, call-ins
BC004 January 14, 2006 Kater, PokemonTrainerLisa AG158, AG159, PAB17, call-ins
BC005 February 19, 2006 Dogasu; Grem, PokeSensei AG160 - AG164, Pokémon the Park, dub edits, call-ins
BC006  ? AG165, AG166, 10th anniversary, dub edits, Spurt!, etc.
BC007 March 18, 2006 Grem; FabuVinny, PokemonTrainerLisa AG167, AG168, Pokémon Ranger review, call-ins, etc.
SE001 April 1, 2006 Limerick, Zhen Lin New Pokémon names, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl features, new anime
BC008 April 1, 2006 AG169, AG170, call-ins, etc.
BC009 April 8, 2006 Chosen of Mana, Hobbes2222, bgtfamily, Winter Call-ins and shipping
BC010 April 15, 2006 Hobbes2222, Winter, Nintendo Theatre AG171, call-ins, Q&A segment
BC011 April 23, 2006 PokemonTrainerLisa, Hobbes2222 AG172, new ending, call-ins, YTMND, speculation, etc.
BC012 April 29, 2006  ? AG173, ?