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Season 1

Recorded on Guests Topics
BC001 November 20, 2005 Winter AG155, Pokémon Ranger, etc.
BC002 December 26, 2005 Zhen Lin; WaterPokemonMaster, Winter AG156, AG157, movie 8, 4Kids & Pokémon USA
BC003 January 2, 2006 DoctorOak, Ekowc Trivia, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl speculation, call-ins
BC004 January 14, 2006 Kater, PokemonTrainerLisa AG158, AG159, PAB17, call-ins
BC005 February 19, 2006 Dogasu; Grem, PokeSensei AG160 - AG164, Pokémon the Park, dub edits, call-ins
BC006  ? AG165, AG166, 10th anniversary, dub edits, Spurt!, etc.
BC007 March 18, 2006 Grem; FabuVinny, PokemonTrainerLisa AG167, AG168, Pokémon Ranger review, call-ins, etc.
SE001 April 1, 2006 Limerick, Zhen Lin New Pokémon names, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl features, new anime
BC008 April 1, 2006 Argy, Hobbes2222, Nintendo Theater, Maverynthia AG169, AG170, call-ins, etc.
BC009 April 8, 2006 Chosen of Mana, Hobbes2222, bgtfamily, Winter Call-ins and shipping
BC010 April 15, 2006 Hobbes2222, Winter, Nintendo Theatre AG171, call-ins, Q&A segment
BC011 April 23, 2006 PokemonTrainerLisa, Hobbes2222 AG172, new ending, call-ins, YTMND, speculation, etc.
BC012 May 6, 2006 Winter AG173, AG174, Perfect Best 2 CD/DVD, Q&A, speculation, etc.
BC013 May 14, 2006 Winter, Hobbes2222 AG175, E3, CoroCoro scans, etc.
BC014 June 11, 2006 AG176, AG177, AG178, catch-up, etc.

Season 2

Recorded on Hosts Guests Topics
BC2-001 January 3, 2007 Archaic, PPNSteve, Winter Season 2 Premiere - Catch-up, TFG, Diamond & Pearl anime, movies
BC2-002 January 10, 2007 Archaic, TSS_Killer, PPN Steve, Pie Sableye, PokemonTrainerLisa Favorite Pokémon and ep from Sableye, popularity of US D/P release speculation, the amount of times the Magikarp salesman has appeared in the anime, using the same anime models for unknown characters PTL.
BC2-003 January 17, 2007 Archaic, TSS_Killer, PPN Steve, Misty, Winter, Satoshi-kun Fullmasta, PokemonTrainerLisa Popularity of Hikari in the US speculation, 5th Generation Pokémon, How do trainers earn the money in the anime series, and Dungeon's relation to the current anime series, etc.
BC2-004 January 24, 2007 Archaic, PPN Steve, Satoshi-kun, Winter GreatLiver, PokemonTrainerLisa Team Galaxy in the anime speculation, how do trainers get their first Pokémon in the anime series, Ash's involvement in contests, D/P box art, Manaphy egg code, etc.
BC2-005 January 31, 2007 Misty, TSS_Killer, PPN Steve, Satoshi-kun, Winter Question of the week, what would you make Movie 12 about if you were writing it and if you were to create the next full RPG version Pokémon game, what would you include, answers, the (banned) Porygon episode in the anime series, etc.
BC2-006 February 7, 2007 Archaic, TSS_Killer, PPN Steve, Satoshi-kun Question of the week, In the anime or games, how would you alter the geography of the various regions, call-in answers, the TCG, Power Keepers expansion release, Archaic's reason for missing last week, and much more...
BC2-007 February 14, 2007 Archaic, TSS_Killer, PPN Steve, Misty, Winter, Kasumi, Satoshi-kun Fullmasta, Bluntasaur, PokemonTrainerLisa Question of the week, Questions of the week were; Where do you see yourself in the fandom 5-10 years in the future? - And; What 'off the wall' thing would you add to the games?, Call-in answers, the TCG, and much more...
BC2-008 February 21, 2007 Archaic, TSS_Killer, PPN Steve, Misty, Winter, Pie, Kasumi, Satoshi-kun GreatLiver, Bluntasaur, Kiruka, PokemonTrainerLisa Question of the week, Questions of the week were; Design a legendary Pokémon and the dungeon in which it exists.

Design a side quest game. Design a gym leader, what type is he or she, what Pokémon does he or she use, what's his or her personality? Call-in answers, speculations, and much more...

BC2-009 Coming February 28, 2007