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==Season 2, Episode 8==
==Season 2, Episode 8==
* YeOldeJacob
* {{forum|447|PokemonTrainerLisa|member}}
* ♥Leeney Rosé♥
* {{forum|24430|YeOldeJacob|member}}
* AiedailEclipsed (forum moderator)
* {{forum|23931|♥Leeney Rosé♥|member}}
* immewnity (forum moderator, Bulbanews admin)
* {{forum|24503|AiedailEclipsed|member}} (forum moderator)
* Moises.
* {{forum|24619|immewnity|member}} (forum moderator, Bulbanews admin)
* {{forum|22471|Moises.|member}}

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First episode released in over two years
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  • Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Update: An error has been noticed in the 'cast; an update will be released shortly.

Bulbacast's first episode of season 4 has been released. PokémonTrainerLisa comes back to the 'cast, as well as new casters YeOldeJacob, ♥Leeney Rosé♥, and AiedailEclipsed. Bulbacast is a community effort supported by Bulbagarden and PPNStudio along with others designed to give fans current and relevant information on Pokémon-related topics. Look for weekly releases each Wednesday here and on iTunes.

The Bulbacast regulars assemble at 7:30 p.m. EST Saturday evenings on Skype to talk about everything a Pokémon fan wants to know about- new episodes, new movies, new games, current issues, new Pokémon and maybe even which character looks best drawn as a pineapple. And, since it's a podcast, fans can download it to their iPods using iTunes or just listen to it on their computers. (At the moment, it is not available on iTunes.)

On top of that, if fans want to join in the discussion rather than just listen, they need a microphone, Skype and they need to show up in the IRC chat a half-hour before the 'cast begins.

Season 2, Episode 8




No call-ins were able to be made during this 'cast.

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