Bulbagarden launches fifth annual Christmas Contests!

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Our competitions will knock your Sawks off!
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  • Sunday, December 1, 2013

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The holiday season is once again upon us, and here at Bulbagarden we're revving up to launch our fifth annual Christmas Contests.

This year, we have a total of five different contests for you to take part in. The winners for each of our contests this year will receive their choice of a Pokémon Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS XL Console, or a Nintendo 2DS Console plus a copy of either Pokémon X or Pokémon Y.

  • 12 Days of Christmas Trivia: 12 days of tricky trivia to test your knowledge of the Pokémon franchise (or at the very least, your ability to search for things on Bulbapedia)
  • Create a Holiday Pokémon: One of our most popular contests every year. Design a Pokémon, but with a catch: the Pokémon has to be holiday themed!
  • Trainer PR Contest: One of the cool new features in Pokémon X/Y is the ability to create a short Trainer PR video of yourself and your Pokémon. Well, we'd like you to share them with us! Don't have Pokémon X/Y yet? That's okay, you can just record a short video of yourself instead!
  • Creative Challenge: A set of challenges to test your creativity. Got no talent for art or writing whatsoever? No worries! You'll be scored on your ideas, not purely on how much skill went into making them.

In addition to our contests, Bulbagarden will also be conducting a special 12 Days of Christmas themed Wonder Trade giveaway. Additional details of this Wonder Trade event will be posted next weekend.

Any questions about specific contests should be directed to the respective Bulbagarden Forums threads, linked above. More general questions can be directed to the thread for this Bulbanews announcement, located here.

Best of luck to everyone. May the best Pokéfan win.

Happy holidays, everyone!