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Bulbanews:Article submission

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The main namespace of Bulbanews is and will be permanently protected against editing by the general public. In order to facilitate public editing, we have created a Draft namespace.

To submit an article, one merely has to create a page in the Draft namespace. However, one should also take care to not submit articles already submitted by others. The Bulbanews front page lists the most recently submitted articles under the Developing stories heading.

Warning: repeatedly submitting duplicate articles may lead to a block.

The heart of any "real" article on Bulbanews is the {{Article}} template. The very first 10 characters of any article must be {{Article|, otherwise it will be passed over by the front page updater. A summary of usage follows:

Article metadata
type One of breaking, lead, feature, news or local
picture A picture for the front page (see the manual of style)
weekday The full weekday name, i.e. Wednesday, not Wed.
day The day of the month of publication (do not prepend 0 for single-digit)
month The month of publication (do not prepend 0 for single-digit)
year The four-digit year of publication
discusstype See Bulbanews:Linking to discussions
sourcetype See Bulbanews:Crediting sources
tagline A secondary headline (See the manual of style)
blurb A lead that would be used on the front page (See the manual of style)