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* Darkeiya (Bulbapedia staff)
* Darkeiya (Bulbapedia staff)
* Dogasu (Bulbagarden forums staff)
* Dogasu (Bulbagarden forums staff)
* ht14 (Bulbapedia/Archives staff)
* PsychicRider (Bulbapedia/Archives staff)
* PsychicRider (Bulbapedia/Archives staff)
* PPNSteve (Bulbacast staff)
* PPNSteve (Bulbacast staff)

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The staff of Bulbanews are the editors, writers, columnists, and administrative staff who make up the backbone of the wiki. While any registered user may submit a news draft, the Bulbanews staff need to approve the article before it can be published.

Bulbanews has seven staff groups divided into three tiers. Each of these has a different job description and set of Mediawiki tools. The staff members, along with their roles here at Bulbanews, are all listed below.

Editorial staff

Board of editors

The Bulbanews Board of Editors are the highest ranking staff group on the wiki. These individuals have the authority to approve news articles, columns, and opinion articles and to appoint new staff members. They can delete and protect articles, and block problematic users.

  • RexRacer - Editor-in-Chief
  • The dark lord trombonator - Managing Editor
  • evkl - Bulbagarden Chief of Staff
  • MAGNEDETH - Bulbapedia Editor-in-Chief
  • Archaic - Webmaster (not actual member of the Board)
  • Argy - Former Editor-in-Chief (not actual member of the Board)

Technical staff

The technical staff are mainly users who have staff roles on other Bulbagarden sites. These roles are largely analogous to the bureaucrat, administrator, and junior administrator roles on Bulbapedia, however most of the staff here are less than active and have powers to provide Bulbanews with additional support should it require. While these editors are more than welcome to submit news stories, and are encouraged to, they are not the core news staff. Users with an interest in journalism and regular reporting for Bulbanews may find themselves better suited in the Writer or Senior Writer group.


Members of the Bulbapedia Editorial Board are assigned the bureaucrat group on Bulbanews. Some former Bulbanews staff members may also be allocated membership of this group. They can edit published articles, move articles, delete articles, protect articles, block users, suppress redirects, change userrights, and lock the wiki to edits by staff members only of all groups below them.

  • Kogoro
  • Jioruji Derako
  • Sketch
  • electAbuzzzz
  • CoolPikachu!
  • Zhen Lin


Administrators are mainly senior Bulbagarden staff members who have served staff roles on Bulbanews in the past. They can edit published articles, move articles, delete articles, protect articles, and block problematic users.

  • Kenji-girl
  • Fabu-Vinny

Support staff

Bulbanews's support staff are users who have staff roles on other Bulbagarden sites, but are not regular writers. They can edit published articles, move articles, and delete vandalized revisions of articles.

  • Darkeiya (Bulbapedia staff)
  • Dogasu (Bulbagarden forums staff)
  • PsychicRider (Bulbapedia/Archives staff)
  • PPNSteve (Bulbacast staff)
  • SaturnYoshi (Bulbagarden forums staff)
  • Umeko (Bulbapedia staff)

News staff

These are Bulbanews's core staff. These users regularly report and publish news articles or opinion columns. Often, they have their own specialist fields on which they report.

Senior Writers

The senior writers are dedicated writers who know and understand Bulbanews style. In addition to being able to report their own and other contributors' articles, they can delete articles, protect articles, bypass redirects, and block problematic users. Bulbanews:Senior Writer


The writers are some of Bulbanews's regular reporters. They can publish directly in the mainspace, as well as move others' articles to this area. They should be familiar with most Bulbanews style. Bulbanews:Writer


From time to time, Bulbanews will hire columnists to write regularly-scheduled opinion articles on a topic of their own choice (at the Board of Editors' discretion). They can publish their columns directly in the main namespace.

  • George Hutcheon ("On the Origin of Species")
  • Yeoldejacob (Games reviewer)

More information

If you seek more information about Bulbanews staff groups, perhaps consider reading this page. If that does not help, contact an active staff member.

If you wish to be part of Bulbanews staff, you will need to impress the Board of Editors through regular reporting and knowledge of Bulbanews style. If you wish to write a regular column for Bulbanews, you may contact the editors directly.