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Bulbapedia adopts new file format

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Animated pngs becoming standard for sprites
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  • Thursday, September 11, 2008

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While many of Bulbapedia's sprites are in .png format, the issue of animation has always been left up to .gif files, for better or worse. As can be seen by Venusaur's shiny sprite from Pokémon Crystal, however, this leaves a lot to be desired by way of quality.

The recent release of Firefox 3, as well as several other browsers with compatibility, however, has brought the increased abilities of the .png format to light, and made them accessible to many more.

Due to the backwards compatibility of animated pngs with their static counterparts, browsers unable to display the animation will display only the first frame.

We appreciate the patience of any Bulbapedia users who are concerned with broken links to images that have not yet been uploaded. We will attempt to get them done as soon as possible.

Templates affected include Template:Ani and Template:MS. Any complaints or comments can be made to me on my talk page.