CP changes released for Pokémon GO

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Changes stats of all Pokémon except Lapras
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  • Thursday, November 24, 2016

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The stats of Pokémon species in Pokémon GO have been adjusted. This results in changes for all species except Lapras. Changes have been made to the Attack and Defense stats of Pokémon, but not their HP (also unofficially referred to as Stamina).

These changes are stated to be in order to make Gyms more competitive and balanced.

Pokémon fans have created a spreadsheet detailing all of the changes made.


We have made adjustments to the CP (Combat Power) of various Pokémon. Some Pokémon, such as Alakazam, Rhydon, and Gengar will have their CP increased. Others will have their CP lowered. These changes will allow a more balanced and competitive battling and training experience in Gyms. We will continue to adjust the CP going forward to improve the game balance when necessary.
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