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Early shipment! Fifth generation begins with a roar!

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Players reveal information prior to games' actual release
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  • Thursday, September 16, 2010
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Kevzo8

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File:Pokemon White Boxart JP.png
Pokémon Black boxart

Players who preordered the games Pokémon Black and White have received the games' copies and started revealing information on Japanese forums. As such, bunch of information are currently being revealed.


Game characters

Gym Leaders

Gym Leader(s) Badge Specializes in Gym location Effects
Dent, Pod, and Corn Tri Badge Grass, Fire, Water Sanyou City Makes all Pokemon up to Level 20 obey its Trainer.
Aloe Basic Badge Normal Shippou City Makes all Pokemon up to Level 30 obey its Trainer.
Arti Beetle Badge Bug Hiun City Makes all Pokemon up to Level 40 obey its Trainer.
Kamitsure Bolt Badge Electric Raimon City Makes all Pokemon up to Level 50 obey its Trainer.
Yakon Quake Badge Ground Hodomoe City Makes all Pokemon up to Level 60 obey its Trainer.
Furou Jet Badge Flying Fukiyosa City Makes all Pokemon up to Level 70 obey its Trainer.
Hachiku Icicle Badge Ice Sekka City Makes all Pokemon up to Level 80 obey its Trainer.
Iris/Shaga Legend Badge Dragon Souryuu City Makes all Pokemon obey its Trainer.

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