Four new episode titles revealed

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Ash's journey through Kanto continues
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  • Saturday, July 16, 2005

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Four new episode titles were revealed this weekend, giving Pokémon fans a glimpse of episodes set to air during August and early September. The titles contain spoilers; read more at your own risk.

August 11 (AG137): プリンの歌、パパの歌! Jigglypuff's Song, Papa's Song!
August 18 (AG138): ライバル対決!ウインディをゲットかも! Rival Confrontation! Catch Arcanine!
August 25 (AG139): コダックの憂鬱! Psyduck's Depression!
September 1 (AG140): ニューラとバリヤード!どっちのレストラン!? Sneasel and Mr. Mime! Which Restaurant!?

Early speculation revolves around the titles for AG137 and AG138. The first may see the return of Jigglypuff, not seen in the anime since early in Hoenn. The second is worded in a way that suggests May will be the one to capture the Arcanine in the title, but it has been confirmed that Drew appears in the episode and in it, he is chasing the Arcanine. The Psyduck in AG139 is not Misty's, and AG140 involves a pair of sisters fighting over the inheritance of their father's restaurant.

A short note about AG135 and AG136, where Ash enters the Battle Factory- Ash's Charizard is confirmed to be returning, and the leader of the Battle Factory has an Articuno.

When these episodes air, come to Bulbanews for summaries and screenshots.