Global Link to launch April 13, according to official website

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Speculated date is now confirmed; Japanese Global Link to relaunch on the same day
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  • Monday, April 11, 2011

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After a week of uncertainty surrounding the Pokémon Global Link's international launch, during which an announcement was briefly posted and then subsequently removed from the official Pokémon website, it seems that the launch date has finally been set for April 13.

The English-language Global Link website updated today to say that "The Pokémon Global Link is coming April 13th!" Similar messages were posted on the Spanish, German, French and Italian versions of the site. The Japanese Global Link website confirms that the service will also relaunch in Japan on the same day: the Japanese Global Link was taken down for maintenance in the run-up to its international launch, and its restoration was delayed due to the Tōhoku earthquake. Certain Japanese events available over the Global Link have been extended to the end of May, to make up for the unexpected downtime.

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