Mewtwo to be distributed in Korea

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'Mewtwo Strikes Back!' to air on Korean TV
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  • Monday, February 6, 2012

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A Mewtwo will be distributed in Korea starting Feb. 16. This Mewtwo is the same as the ones distributed to Japanese games and the ones to be distributed to English language games. However, while other languages have distributed this Mewtwo via only Wi-Fi, this Mewtwo will be distributed via both infrared and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Exact stores and the end date of the event are yet to be announced.

Like what was done in the United States, Pokémon Korea has created a page as a tribute to Mewtwo and detail its legacy throughout the franchise to celebrate Mewtwo's event distribution and return to the TCG. The movie Mewtwo Strikes Back! (뮤츠의 역습) will be shown on Korean cable TV at an unspecified date in the near future.