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More September 2006 CoroCoro scans leaked to Internet

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Shin'ō underground world and DP multiplayer features revealed
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  • Sunday, August 6, 2006

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Japanese Scan 2006-08-06 01.jpg
Japanese Scan 2006-08-06 02.jpg
Japanese Scan 2006-08-06 03.jpg

Today, more scans from CoroCoro leaked revealing the underground world of Shin'ō that has been previously mentioned by Jun'ichi Masuda. Players will be able to search for treasures using the DS's touch screen.

The scan also shows screenshots of Secret Bases, a Shin'ō Battle Tower that looks very similar to Pokémon Crystal's Battle Tower and a Global Trade Station which will allow Pokémon trades with players from all over the globe when the games are released are released outside of Japan. The Battle Tower will alow the player to battle with up to 7 other players over the internet.

Also, the third pre-order bonus figure was revealed as a figure with the three Diamond/Pearl starters Naetle, Hikozaru and Pochama. All three pre-order figures are manufactured by Kaiyodo, the company that also makes the figures for the upcoming Pokémon Trading Figure game.