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File:Bonnie XY.png|Bonnie
File:Bonnie XY.png|Bonnie
File:Professor Sycamore XY.png|Professor Sycamore
File:Professor Sycamore XY.png|Professor Sycamore
File:TRT XY.png|Bonnie
File:TRT XY.png|Team Rocket
File:Giovanni XY.png|Giovanni
File:Giovanni XY.png|Giovanni
File:Nurse Joy XY.png|Nurse Joy
File:Nurse Joy XY.png|Nurse Joy

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TV-Tokyo's mini-site updated
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  • Thursday, September 19, 2013

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XY series poster

TV-Tokyo's mini-site for the XY series has been updated to reveal new information regarding the characters in the new anime series. Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie are confirmed to Ash's new companions as he journeys through the Kalos region.

Serena is a girl from the Kalos region who loves fashion. It seems that she has met Ash before. Clemont is a Gym Leader who loves inventing. He keeps his prized invention, the Aipom Arm, in his rucksack. Bonnie is Clemont's sister. While she usually looks for Clemont's bride, Bonnie is a girl with a firm personality. As she isn't a Trainer yet, she will be keeping Clemont's Pokemon instead. The three characters will be voiced by Mayuki Makaguchi, Yūki Kaji, and Mariya Ise respectively.

Professor Sycamore is a professor from Kalos who gives the Starter Pokémon to the new Trainers. Team Rocket will also make an appearance in the new series. Similar to the Best Wishes series, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny both receives a new design.

The opening theme is called Volt (Japanese: V(ボルト)) and will be performed by Yusuke. The ending theme will be X Strait Y Scenery (Japanese: X海峡Y景色) and will be performed by J☆Dee'Z.