New main stages, Escalation Battle to be available in Pokémon Shuffle June 8

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Details for Escalation Battle revealed
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  • Friday, June 5, 2015

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New main stages and the Escalation Battle stage will be available in Pokémon Shuffle starting June 8.

The Escalation Battle special stage will be available from June 8 to 22. In this stage, the player battles Giratina. Each time the player clears it, the Stage Level goes up, making it more difficult; it begins as an easy stage with no disruptions, but as the Stage Level increases the disruptions and difficulty increase. The player will earn rewards for clearing specific Stage Levels: for example, the player will earn 1000 Coins for clearing Stage Level 5, and will earn a Disruption Delay for clearing Stage Level 10. Each time the player clears the stage, there is a chance of catching Giratina; its catch rate increases as the Stage Level increases. Giratina has the (previously unseen) Skill "Power of 4+", which triples damage dealt when matching four Giratina.

New main stages, up to at least Stage 198, will be added on June 8. Garbodor, Doublade, and Conkeldurr will be available.

New expert stages will be available starting on June 8 as well, featuring the fully-evolved Kalos starter Pokémon. Chesnaught, Delphox, and Greninja are stages EX 22, EX 23, and EX 24, respectively. Chesnaught has the Skill Hitting Streak, Delphox has Pyre, and Greninja has Mind Zap.

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