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picture=BN 7 24.jpg |
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== Information ==
== Information ==
*[ #PocketMonsters]
*[ #PocketMonsters]
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Episodes to star Naty evolution line, Kurotsugu
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  • Friday, July 24, 2009

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  • [url=//,_Natio,_Kurotsugu] Next two episodes to feature Naty, Natio, Kurotsugu[/url]
  • <a href="//,_Natio,_Kurotsugu"> Next two episodes to feature Naty, Natio, Kurotsugu</a>

#PM has revealed the episode titles for DP140 and DP141. DP140 is 「ネイティ, ネイティオ。。。不思議な森!」 (Naty, Natio... Mysterious Forest!), and DP141 is 「タワータイクーン! その男, クロツグ!!」 (Tower Tycoon! That Man, Kurotsugu!!), airing Aug. 27 and Sept. 3, respectively.