October '13 CoroCoro unveils new 'XY' information

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New Abilities, Mega Evolutions revealed
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  • Wednesday, September 11, 2013
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Adyniz
    Originally reported in CoroCoro Comics magazine

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CoroCoro October 2013

The newest edition of CoroCoro Comics magazine has revealed some new Pokémon X and Y-related information.

Two new Mega Evolutions have been revealed: Mega Garchomp and Mega Mewtwo X, have been featured. Mewtwo's newly revealed second Mega Evolution is called Mega Mewtwo X and it is a Fighting/Psychic-type with the Ability Steadfast and higher Attack; it Mega Evolves using the Mewtwonite X. The Mega Mewtwo seen previously is actually Mega Mewtwo Y and it Mega Evolves from Mewtwo using the Mewtwonite Y. Mega Garchomp has the Ability Sand Force.

Furthermore, the Japanese names of the Generation VI starter Pokémon's evolutions have also been unveiled: Chespin evolves to Haribōgu, Fennekin to Tērunā, and Froakie to Gekogashira. Much like the pre-evolved forms, all of them keep their original single types. Haribōgu can learn Mud Shot, and Gekogashira can learn Bounce.

Along with that, some new Abilities have also been revealed:

  • Freeze Skin - All Normal-type attacks used by the Pokémon become Ice-type and gain power.
  • Strong Jaw - Increases the power of biting moves used by the Pokémon such as Crunch.
  • Fur Coat - Halves damage from physical attacks.

In addition to this, four new Pokémon have been revealed: Torimian, Nyaonikusu, Chigorasu and Amarusu. Torimian is the Pokémon spotted in the recent Pokémon Direct, is Normal-type, has the Ability Fur Coat, and can have its appearance changed by a game mechanic known as trimming. Nyaonikusu has large gender differences; the female is mainly white and can learn Extrasensory; the male is mainly blue and can learn Miracle Eye. Chigorasu is Rock/Dragon Fossil Pokémon and has the Ability Strong Jaw. Amarusu is Rock/Ice Fossil Pokémon, has the Ability Freeze Skin, and can learn Aurora Beam.

Offensively, Fairy type is strong against Fighting, Dark and Dragon; and not very effective against Steel, Poison and Fire. Defensively, Fairy is weak to Poison and Steel; resists Bug, Fighting and Dark; and is immune to Dragon.

Also, Steel no longer resists Dark- and Ghost-type moves.

Team Flare is lead by five scientists: Xerosicy, Momiji, Bara, Correa, and Akebi. They are seeking a "beautiful world".

Karune is a famed actress in the Kalos region. She is also a Pokémon Trainer who would meet up with the player in their journey.

The players can also change their clothes and hairstyle at boutiques and salons throughout their journey.

It has been confirmed that Flabébé can hold flowers of different colors, and this is determined by location.

Also, a new Fairy-type move, Round Eyes is mentioned. It has an increased priority and lowers the target's Attack.

For the Pocket Monsters XY anime series, Dedenne was shown to be with Clemont and they were alongside Ash and Pikachu. Mega Blaziken is shown with a mysterious man.

The anime captions read: Clemont and Dedenne appear!! and Mega Blaziken and a mysterious man!!

The first sets of the XY TCG Era were revealed to be Collection X and Collection Y. The booster packs feature Yveltal and Xerneas. The Fairy-type is included in XY1.