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Gym leaders featured
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  • Saturday, September 11, 2010

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The gym leaders

The October issue of CoroCoro has begun to leak onto the internet. The leaders of Sanyou city's gym are featured. There will be three leaders in the gym, Corn, Pod and Dent (formerly referred to as Dento on Bulbanews and Bulbapedia), and the leader the player battles will depend on the starter Pokémon they selected at the beginning of the game.

Update: More scans have surfaced. Both pages are full of new Pokémon and evolutions of previously-revealed Pokémon.

Page one of the update
Page two of the update
Pokémon Species Type 1 Type 2 Ability Second Ability
Yooterii Puppy Normal - Pick-up
Basurao Violent Water - Reckless Adaptability
Choroneko Bad Cat Dark - Limber Unburden
Tabunne Listening Normal - Healing Heart Regeneration
Monmen Cotton Ball Grass - Teasing Heart Slip Through
Churine Stump Grass - Chlorophyll Own Tempo
Tamageruke Mushroom Grass Poison Effect Spore -
Baffuron Headbutting Cattle Normal - Reckless Herbivore
Dangoro Mantle Rock - Sturdy -
Mebukijika Seasonal Normal Grass Herbivore Chlorophyll
Desukan Casket Ghost - Mummy -
Ononokusu Chin Horn Dragon Rivalry Mold Breaker
Denchura Electric Spider Bug Electric Compoundeyes Tension
Doryuuzu Deep Earth Ground Steel Sand Scatter Sand Power