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Pokémon Wonderland 8 cover unveiled

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Low-resolution image reveals five new Pokémon
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  • Friday, June 30, 2006
  • Originally reported on Netkun

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Pokémon Wonderland 8

Netkun, the Web site featuring the Pokémon Special manga in Japan, posted a low-resolution scan of the cover of Pokémon Wonderland 8, an official magazine set for release in mid-July. The scan revealed five new Pokémon, including the two set to be the main legendaries in Diamond and Pearl.

While most details are too small to make out, some katakana characters from the legendaries' names can be deciphered-- The Diamond legendary's name begins with ティア Tia, with the two remaining characters similar to ガ ga. The Pearl legendary's name begins with ル Ru (also can be Lu), has two undecipherable middle characters, and ends with ア a. The names of the three new smaller Pokémon, seen at the top of the magazine cover, are unreadable. Next to them on the right are Buoysel, Lucario, and the two main trainers of the game.

The cover also revealed that a Perap card will be packaged with the magazine, and information on Pokémon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy will be provided.

Bulbanews will update with more news when it becomes available.