Satoru Iwata talks about 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo at briefing today

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New Pokémon game hinted
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  • Friday, October 28, 2011

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Satoru Iwata

At Nintendo's Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing today, Satoru Iwata, the current President and CEO of the said company, made announcements concerning the Nintendo 3DS the upcoming Wii U, and Nintendo as a whole. The following are merely tidbits of what was presented at the briefing:

  • Nintendo had 70.2 billion yen in losses, with currency exchange rates and price cuts among things blamed.
  • Nintendo was able to sell 2.36 million units worldwide during the second fiscal quarter, three times that of the previous quarter.
  • The Nintendo 3DS sales are a total of 6.68 million, higher than expected.
  • Access to the Nintendo eShop using PCs and smartphones will be made available, though games can only be played on Nintendo systems.
  • Demos and add-on content will be made available at the eShop.
  • Nintendo hopes to create new genres, which aim to attract those not really into video games.
  • Following collaborations with Netflix and DreamWorks, integration with Hulu Plus will be made available.
  • The Wii U is planned to be launched during the next fiscal year, with the final product to be shown during next year's E3.

As for Pokémon fans, a new Pokémon game is said to have been listed for release in Japan this Spring. No further details were revealed as the game itself was not actually announced.