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May issue of CoroCoro magazine leaked

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** The northern and eastern parts of Unova have been covered by this ice, and {{bp|Opelucid City}} is just on the border of being covered.
** There appear to be cave entrances to the glacier.
** There are two new towns and at least onone new route to the southwest.
** The road between {{bp|Castelia City}} and {{bp|Nimbasa City}} is complete.
** A new building has been added to the front of Nimbasa City, and a new area to the east of the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel.
** {{bp|Driftveil City}}'s lighthouse is gone, and several craters have appeared in the city.
** There is now a settlement on {{bp|Unova Route 4|Route 4}}
** {{bp|Liberty Garden}} is now shown ofin the official artwork of the map, and appears to have been revamped.
** The construction zone and {{bp|Cold Storage}} south of Driftveil are both gone.
** There is a section taken out of the side of the mountain in eastern Unova, and there are several buildings here.

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