Ten more Pokémon Dolls released

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Additional Pokémon Dolls for the Dream World
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  • Wednesday, September 5, 2012
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As of September 4, 2012, ten additional Pokémon Dolls are available for purchase: Minccino, Audino, Pansear, Bonsly, Aipom, Sudowoodo, Noctowl, Chikorita, Lapras, and Clefairy. Some of these Dolls can be unlocked from playing at Windswept Sky, but the Chikorita Doll cannot currently be purchased due to the Berry being unreleased. Save for the Chikorita Doll, all Dolls require 50 of a Berry for purchase; the Chikorita Doll costs 15 Kebia Berries.