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The Revolution begins

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Revolution Details Emerge
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  • Tuesday, May 17, 2005
  • Originally reported on IGN

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The Nintendo Revolution (Image from IGN/Gamespy)

New details regarding Nintendo's next-generation console, codenamed Revolution, have started to sprinkle onto the Internet. The machine, which will be revealed during Nintendo's pre-E3 2005 show on Tuesday morning in Los Angeles, will sport a slick, black design and a front blue light.

Revolution will be "two-to-three times more powerful than GameCube," according to Nintendo, which also acknowledges that the next-generation race isn't solely about new technologies. By contrast, Microsoft's Xbox 360 console is 13-15 times more powerful than the first, according to the publisher. And Sony says it's PlayStation 3 is roughly 35 times more powerful than PlayStation 2.

Nintendo also revealed that using Revolution's new Wi-Fi connection, gamers would be able to go online to a free gamer-matching service. Interestingly, in a move similar to Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service, Revolution users will be able to download classic and new Nintendo games over the Internet. Nintendo cited such examples as Donkey Kong and Super Mario Sunshine, which suggests that Revolutionaries could have access to games for all the publisher's previous consoles.