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Third Full Restore marathon raising money for British Red Cross

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Once again they're raising for British Red Cross Disaster Fund
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  • Friday, March 29, 2013

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The gamers from the UK has just started the 100-hour marathon

Full Restore has raised over £8000 within two years. Their goal is to play as many games as they can, with the order being determined by amount of donations for playing that game. They are starting with Pokémon Red.

Even though the marathon has just begun, they've already raised £125 before it started. Full Marathon is again going to promote any interaction by viewers which is made possible with the livestream. Anyone who donates has option to influence game in some way - such as choosing Pokémon to catch and naming them, choosing name for player or rival, choosing the game to play or other specific requests.

If there is a high demand and enough donations, they will also try to perform Mew glitch.

The group is going to save only if it's absolutely necessary - such as power cut or electrical storm. That means should they fail to catch a legendary Pokémon or make a big mistake - they will simply continue playing rather than restart the game.

More information can be found on the Full Restore website.