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'''Editor in Chief, Bulbanews''': Please direct Bulbanews-related questions and requests to me or [[User:Zhen Lin|Zhen Lin]].<br>
'''Editor in Chief, [[bp:Bulbanews|Bulbanews]]'''<br>
'''Style Editor, Bulbapedia'''<br>
'''Style Editor, [[bp:Bulbapedia|Bulbapedia]]'''<br>
'''Administrator, [[bp:Bulbgagarden forums|Bulbagarden forums]]'''
'''Moderator, [ Pokémon General Discussion], [ Bulbawiki Discussion], [ The Artist's Alcove], [ Pokémon News]'''<br>
* [ Availability]
* [ Availability]
* e-mail: [email protected]<br>
* e-mail: [email protected]<br>

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Editor in Chief, Bulbanews
Style Editor, Bulbapedia
Administrator, Bulbagarden forums