Leaker spoils next gen Pokémon games, many outraged

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Information on Gen VII games revealed
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  • Tuesday, April 1, 2014
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Maxite

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This article is a hoax. Please do not take its contents seriously.
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Revealed to be given a split evolution in Generation VII

Outrage has quickly spread amongst the Pokémon Community after an insider at Game Freak revealed key plans relating to the seventh-generation of Pokémon games. The leaks came over Twitter and lasted for just a few hours before the account was shut down. Some of the things that the leaker was able to reveal include:

  • The region would be based off of central Canada
  • The region's professor would be named 'Professor Maple'
  • Gyms would continue serving dual purposes. One Gym would be a sawmill, while another one was an ice hockey arena.
  • The villainous team aims to "divide the region using the power of the legendary Pokémon" and also wants to outlaw the Pokémon League
  • Bidoof was revealed that it would be given a split-evolution by means of leveling up with a new move
  • "Several" new mega evolutions would be introduced
  • One of the new legendaries would be modeled after a "steam-punk moose"
  • A new post-game "battle arena" that Game Freak was working with Smogon on creating

Reactions to the news has generally been negative, especially amongst Canadian fans. Bulbanews reached out to several for their opinions on these events.

"The biggest problem I have is that it is too early. We're not finished with Generation VI, and here we already know a few key points about Generation VII. It's going to kill the excitement for a lot of people." P.J. Wheeler, an Albertan games collector and wedding boutique owner, told Bulbanews. "Though that steam-punk moose does sound awesome."

"What's been revealed sounds so stereotypically Canadian, I can't believe that this is real." reports Jeff Flocon, a Quebec competitive strategist and commentator. "The villains sound like a spoof on provincial politics, and the Pokémon choices sound like stereotypical Canadian wildlife of moose and beavers. Are you serious, Game Freak?!" Mr. Flocon did note that the new battle arena did "sound appealing."

"It really doesn't sound all that bad. I'm more surprised at the level of detail that has been figured out so far. X and Y only came out six months ago, and they're this far into the next games?" Graham Saunders, a card collector and hat enthusiast, responded. "Besides, that steam-punk moose is going to be so awesome as a holofoil card, I just know it!"