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Pokémon Ultra RPG to open on Bulbagarden

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URPG officially opens at midnight
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  • Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Pokémon Ultra, commonly known as URPG, is a Pokémon organization dedicated to fun-loving members enjoying one of the most interactive Pokemon Adventure experiences you’ll find anywhere!

The URPG opens on Bulbagarden on Thursday, April 15 at 12:00 AM Central. In addition to the many sections the URPG offers, several new member events will be held such as lotteries and tournaments. Discounts may be offered during this time period so it is highly recommended that interested members sign up early.


You start as a trainer with a single Pokémon, with the option of participating in any number of engaging sections and events.

You can strike forth to battle other members, challenge gym leaders and the Elite 4, who are some of the more experienced members of your own community. Roleplay with the other trainers as you search to discover the mysteries of National Park Island. Write stories, filled with passion, to capture new Pokémon. Participate in Contests, coordinating your Pokémon to perform dazzling feats. URPG offers something for everyone.

So welcome to this wondrous and time-tested adventure.


Challenge your friends and rivals in Gameboy-based combat as you surge forth to become the number one trainer. Discover new strategies and new tactics to battle your opponents. Teach your Pokémon new tricks and moves, expanding their capabilities to counter any threat. Defeat Gym Leaders as you fight your way up to the Elite 4… and someday… the Champion.


With the arts of the pen in hand, strike forward to compose a tale so thrilling, so endearing as to mark the test of time. Whether mystery, action, drama, romance, comedy, or any other number of genres, your story is welcome here. Relate to us your dreams of worlds never seen and of characters as real as you or I. Tell us, in your own words, how you and your eternally loyal Pokémon became friends once upon a time.


Coordinate with your Pokémon to show the world that there is more to life than battling. Enhance your Pokémon’s innate traits through berries and PokéBlocks. Appeal to judges through demonstrations of ultimate strength, elegant beauty, perceptive intelligence and much more. Compete against fellow coordinators as you prove that your Pokémon, above all others, deserves to earn that proud ribbon.


Delve into the deep unknown as you search the far reaches of National Park Island. Explore wild and rampant terrain as you capture creatures known from regions around the world. But be warned, dangers lurk around every corner. Poachers threaten to steal all they want. Dark organizations conspire in secrecy. And some threats are simply beyond mortal comprehension. There is something… wrong about this place… something very wrong… Enter at your own risk.

Join us

Join our 11-year-old group as we join your family, the family of Bulbagarden.

Because, in the same way, URPG is about people. It's about forming friendships and enjoying what you love. It's about overcoming challenges and the dream of being the best that we will never give up. It's about a group of comrades who came together one noble night, and decided that they too could create a world in which they could enjoy what they love. They have passed the torch to us, and we in turn will pass it to you. In this way we preserve that world and watch it grow and change for the better. That world is URPG.