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Bulbapedia adopts new file format

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tagline=Animated .pngs becoming standard for sprites |
blurb=With the release of [[bp:Pokémon Platinum Version|Pokémon Platinum]] and the expansion of the animation of sprites in the games, itBulbapedia has been decided to utilize the new animation features of .png files to the fullest advantage. }}
WhileWith manythe release of Bulbapedia's[[bp:Pokémon spritesPlatinum areVersion|Pokémon inPlatinum]] .png format,and the issueexpansion of the animation hasof alwayssprites beenin leftthe up to .gif filesgames, forBulbapedia betterhas ordecided Asutilize canthe benew seenanimation byfeatures [[:Image:Sprof 2c 003 s.gif|Venusaur'spng shiny sprite from Pokémon Crystal]], however, this leaves a lotfiles to bethe desired by way offullest qualityadvantage.
TheWhile recent releasemany of [[wp:FirefoxBulbapedia's 3|Firefoxsprites 3]]are in .png format, asthe wellissue asof severalanimation otherhas browsersalways withbeen compatibility,left however,up hasto brought.gif thefiles. increasedAs abilitiescan ofbe theseen by [[a:Image:Spr 2c 003 s.pnggif|Venusaur's formatshiny tosprite lightfrom Pokémon Crystal]], andhowever, madethis themleaves accessiblea lot to manybe desired by way of morequality.
WeThe appreciaterecent the patiencerelease of any[[wp:Firefox Bulbapedia3|Firefox users3]], whoas arewell concernedas several other browsers with brokencompatibility, linkshowever, tohas imagesbrought thatthe haveincreased notabilities yetof beenthe uploaded.png Weformat willto attemptlight toand getmade them doneaccessible asto soon asmany possiblemore.
TemplatesDue affectedto includethe [[bp:Template:Ani|Template:Ani]]backwards andcompatibility [[bp:Template:MS|Template:MS]].of Anyanimated complaints.pngs orwith commentstheir canstatic becounterparts, madebrowsers unable to medisplay the animation will display ononly mythe talkfirst pageframe.
Bulbapedia users should not be concerned with broken links to images that have not yet been uploaded. The wiki's staff say they aim to get them done as soon as possible.
Templates affected include [[bp:Template:Ani|Template:Ani]] and [[bp:Template:MS|Template:MS]]. For information or to comment, contact [[User:TTEchidna|TTEchidna]].

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