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Goukazaru to make debut Feb. 11

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blurb=InfernapeTV willTokyo makehas itsrecently debutrevealed appearancethat inthe DP163title whichof the 163rd episode of Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl is ''Explosive Evolution! Goukazaru!!''. It is set to air on FebruaryTV 11,Tokyo 2010Feb. 11. }}
TV Tokyo have recently revealed the title of DP163 with a little info that Infernape is going to make its debut in the[[File:392Infernape anime. The episode is entitled as DP163 - png|thumb|250px|Goukazaru! Blast Evolution!! which is set to air on February 11, 2010.]]
ShinjiTV isTokyo alsohas goingrecently torevealed makethat histhe appearancetitle inof the {{bp|DP163.|163rd}} Lastepisode time,of Shinji''{{series|Diamond was& shownPearl|Pocket onMonsters: tvDiamond revealing& thatPearl}}'' heis have「爆進化!ゴウカザル!!」 obtained''Explosive allEvolution! theGoukazaru!!''. sinnohIt is set to air on TV Tokyo Feb. badges11.
===Information===This will be {{p|Infernape|Goukazaru}}'s first TV appearance. It was first seen in the {{bp|Pokémon movie|movie}} ''{{bp|The Rise of Darkrai|Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai}}'' under the ownership of a {{bp|Pokémon Coordinator}} named {{bp|Allegra|Maki}}. A Goukazaru also appears with {{bp|Ash|Satoshi}}'s other Pokémon in the most recent Japanese opening song ''{{bp|The Greatest - Everyday!}}''. The title of the episode seems to confirm the speculated {{bp|evolution}} of {{bp|Ash's Monferno|Satoshi's Moukazaru}}.
{{bp|Paul|Shinji}} is also set to reappear in this episode. He last appeared on TV, where he was revealed to have already obtained the eight Sinnoh {{bp|badge}}s.
Satoshi's {{bp|Monferno|Moukazaru}} was originally one of Shinji's Pokémon until he decided to release it. Satoshi then took it under his wing. In a battle with Shinji, it activated its {{bp|ability}} {{a|Blaze|Raging Flames}}, but the power was too much that Moukazaru, still a {{p|Chimchar|Hikozaru}} {{bp|DP081|then}}, kept on attacking even when the battle was over. Eventually, Satoshi was able to calm down his Pokémon. The screenshot on TV Tokyo somewhat implies that a similar event may occur in the upcoming episode.
* [ TV Tokyo] (Japanese)

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