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[[File:Takuto Sinnoh.png|thumb|250px|Takuto]]
The {{bp|DP189|189th episode}} of the ''{{series|Diamond & Pearl|Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl}}'' anime series, 「シンオウリーグ準決勝!ダークライ!!」 ''Shin'ō League Semi-Finals! Enter Darkrai!!'', is set to air on Aug. 26. The episode will feature the semi-finals of the {{bp|Suzuran Conference}} and a battle involving the mysterious Darkrai Trainer.
Though not much is known about the episode yet, it is clear that it will feature {{bp|Takuto}}, a mysterious Trainer who owns a {{p|Darkrai}}. Takuto had been shown frequently throughout the Suzuran Conference. With his Darkrai alone, he is said to have obtained his badges, as well as a place in the semifinals.
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