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Additional 'Call of Legends' information surfaces

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hate reverting, but there is a series stated, which we weren't sure of.
The official international Pokémon website has updated with information on the next TCG set, ''[[bp:Call of Legends (TCG)|Call of Legends]]''. The set will contain 106 cards, and will be released on February 9, 2010. Images of some cards in the set were also revealed: a [[bp:Lugia (Call of Legends SL7)|Shiny Lugia card]], a [[bp:Houndoom (Undaunted 5)|reprinted Houndoom]], and a [[bp:Lucario (Call of Legends 14)|Lucario]].
[ As shown on Poké], ''Call of Legends'' iswill abe transitionthe first set to bringin the TCGCall intoof theLegends BWseries. The amount of sets in this series are unknown, however.
[[File:SetSymbolCall of Legends.png|thumb]]
File:HoundoomCallofLegends10.jpg|Houndoom (Call of Legends 10), a reprint of Houndoom (Undaunted 5) with new artwork
File:026186 P RUGIA.jpg|Lugia (Call of Legends SL7)
File:LucarioCallofLegends14LucarioLostLink26.jpg|Lucario (Call of Legends 14) ([!LucarioLostLink26.jpg English image])

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