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Best Wishes teaser for 2011 shown

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[[File:Black White Aloe 2.png|thumb|Aloe]]
After the airing of 「シッポウシティ!博物館で大冒険!!」 ''{{bp|BW014|Shippou City! Big Adventure at the Museum!!}}'', a teaser for upcoming events in ''{{bp|Best Wishes series|Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!}}'' were shown. Clips of the specialsupcoming toFebruary airspecials Feb. 3, which featurefeaturing {{an|Dawn|Hikari}} (Dawn) and {{an|Brock|Takeshi}}, (Brock) were also shown.
The preview revealed the following:
* {{bp|Satoshi}}'s (Ash) egg will hatch, although its contents were not shown.
* Satoshi's battle with {{bp|Gym Leader}} {{bp|Aloe}}.
** Satoshi will use {{bp|Ash's Oshawott|Mijumaru}} against Aloe's {{p|Miruhog}}.
* Satoshi's and friends will meet up with Gym Leader {{bp|Arti}}.
** The episode also features {{p|Kurumiru}}.
* {{bp|Team Rocket|Rocket-dan}} (Team Rocket) will conflict with {{bp|Team Plasma|Plasma-dan}} (Team Plasma).
* {{bp|Giovanni|Sakaki}} (Giovanni) will appear in person in the {{bp|Unova|Isshu}} (Unova) region.
* Takeshi will battle {{bp|Nurse Joy|Joy}} and a Pokémon that knows {{m|Attract}} with his {{bp|Brock's Sudowoodo|Usokkie}} (Sudowoodo).

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