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Four new episode titles for April revealed

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[[File:607Litwick Dream.png|thumb|Hitmoshi, as seen in the Dream World art]]
According to a Japanese TV Guide Magazine, four new episodes of {{series|Best Wishes}} are scheduled to air next month. The episodes will mark the anime debut appearances of {{p|Litwick|Hitomoshi}} (Litwick), the Candle Pokémon and {{p|Cottonee|Monmen}} (Cottonee), the Cotton Puff Pokémon.
The tentative titles for the episodes are:
* {{bp|BW029}}: 「ヒトモシ屋敷のこわい話」 ''The Scary Story of the Hitomoshi Mansion''
* {{bp|BW030}}: 「ドラゴンマスターへの道」 ''The Road to Become a Dragon Master''
* {{bp|BW031}}: 「消えたホタチ」 ''The Missing {{tt|Hotachi|Scalchop}}''
* {{bp|BW032}}: 「恋するモンメン風に乗って」 ''The Adored Monmen Rides the Wind''

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