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Personality & Development: Meowth

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[[File:AG068.png|thumb|left|Wow that is convincing]]
[[File:Meowth Kirlia.png|thumb|right|Who’s that Pokémon?]]
Although Meowth is a famous villain, he is not at all a good criminal. However, Meowth is a cat of many talents: in addition to his self-taught human-like capabilities, Meowth is a proficient {{wp|ramen}} maker and actor, and has dressed convincingly in costume as many other Pokémon species. Like {{bp|Jessie}} and {{bp|James}}, Meowth stays loyal to Team Rocket, despite the organization not giving him fulfillment in his life. This is where {{wp|attachment theory}} can be tied in. Although he must have had a mother, Meowth was alone and unloved for a long time before he joined Team Rocket, suggesting he suffered {{wp|maternal deprivation|deprivation}} and had no attachment figure. For human children, recovering from deprivation is exceptionally hard, but many Pokémon have been showed to recover from the loneliness they felt after their abandonment, whether it be by a trainer or a family. When Meowth first perceived love or respect from {{an|Giovanni}}, he quickly regained self confidence and, although he did wrongly, became an attachment type B-Secure attached. Still to this day, Meowth has always believed Giovanni values him and strives to please him, apparently accomplishing such before the {{series|Best Wishes}}.
[[File:AG176.png|left|thumb|Oh no, Will Meowth leave Team rocket this time?]]
[[File:DP103.png|right|thumb|Hey, friends fight, doesn't mean they’re not friends.]]

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