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He's got a special lure, too?

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But upon reverse, we discover that—even if it is minute—Misty shares something with Cilan and Iris with Brock. While Cilan might be the cook, Iris has the other half of Brock's specialty: Pokémon care. Grind up some {{bp|Berry|berries}}, and Iris does with herbal remedies what Brock does with store-bought items. She's the Healer, responsible for the welfare of their parties and well versed in the art enough to do it correctly. Iris is no amateur playing doctor and she knows what to do in a pinch. This comes from her nature-oriented background. While not strictly an orphan of the jungle, Iris is pretty removed from social living (but not so far that she has never caught a movie or two), and the same can equally be said for Brock, who spent an unknown amount of time caring for his nine younger siblings, to the point that he is a mother hen with his friends. Imagine what social living he had the chance to experience, if he spends every second he can spare in scoring himself a pretty girlfriend as desperately as his attempts became over the course of the series.
[[Image:Cilan special lure.png|thumb|right|Cilan's lure]]
In the case of Cilan and Misty, their link is a bit more over-the-head, if you get the idea. Fishing. Misty's connection to the sport is directly related to her goal: she aims to be a master Water-type Trainer, and more than half the Pokémon related to her goal can be caught on a hook, seeing as they are based on fish and other aquatic creatures. She even has her own lookalike lure, which she uses when she does find the time to cast her reel. Misty's fishing hobby can therefore be excused by her own dreams. Cilan, on the other hand, seems to be a fishing expert simply for the hell of it; time will tell if ''his'' special lookalike lure changes from time to time, like Misty's. If he had been Cress, no one would think twice on why he is so crazy about the activity, simply due to Cress having the "same" applicable elemental affinity that Misty does. However, for a fishing guru, Cilan is shown to own no Pokémon that would be caught by a fishing rod until he catches {{bp|Cilan's Stunfisk|Stunfisk}} (who, we must point out, is the only fish Pokémon ''not'' part Water). On that note, the fandom argues if Cilan meant to keep the {{bp|Basculin}} he caught during his time in "{{bp|Castelia City}}," but it is never stated that the catch could be rendered permanent once the tournament was done (had it been real to begin with). Regardless, Cilan's enthusiasm for fishing appears to have no basis except for the writers wanting to simply give Cilan more hobbies and dimension to his character, trying to do right where they faulted with Brock.
But this is where is begins to fall apart some. Cilan's goal to expand his Connoisseur knowledge by following the group is a passive profession, much like Brock's goal to be a top Breeder. Little battling is involved with either and is more hands-on work that is mainly practiced in specialized spaces. But Iris' goal is an active profession, that, much like Ash, involves needing active attention to the main focus of the series as a whole: battling and training with their partners. Some fraction of the fandom expresses dismay that despite aiming to be a Dragon Master, her only {{type|Dragon}} wasn't even her first capture, nor does she seem particularly active in even getting her Axew up to snuff (eighteen episodes to master {{m|Dragon Rage}} and only two Pokémon the majority of the time? One she barely used on top of it all? Writers, what are you doing? Iris has nothing else to do). Though again to be fair, Dragon-types are as scarce as Water-types are abundant and are generally considered rare by default, given how only twenty of them are not legendaries, compared to the fewer-species {{type|Ghost}}, who only has one known legendary among them (ironically also part Dragon?). Whereas Misty could actively practice her skills in acquiring more Water-types (when the writers felt to; see {{AP|Totodile}}), Iris admittedly has chosen to become the least easily portrayed type Master one could be. On the bright side, Unova has more than one generational, non-legendary evolutionary line of dragons to showcase, unlike Kanto and Sinnoh with one, Hoenn with two, and Johto with the tack-on {{p|Kingdra}}. But as always, those Unova dragons are nowhere near the early and middle parts of the journey. ''{{tt|Ganbare|Hang in there}}'', Iris!
==What Itit Comescomes Downdown Toto==
The reason for Cilan being the second most prominent in the cast is currently at odds. Perhaps Cilan is getting all of the attention now so Iris can get all the attention in the second half of the series, as they get closer to {{bp|Opelucid City}}, corresponding with Dragon-type locations being in the last fourth of the game. Perhaps the writers have changed their game plan and returned the focus back into the purely {{wp|Shōnen manga|shounen genre}}, where the boys are first and the girls not so much. Perhaps they are simply cashing in on Cilan's not unexpected popularity, thank you ever-helpful {{bp|Mamoru Miyano|Miyano Mamoru}}, sir. Or stepping into a more controversial set of boots, perhaps it is because he is the whiter character and "best" suited for international audiences, trying to do "right" what they did not capture with Tracey; it cannot be denied that fandom has forever argued what "race" Brock is (pegging him as an islander or plain "black," since he simply could not be "white," and the fandom continues to ignore that our perception of "race" ''cannot'' apply to a fictional world and {{wp|Compartmentalization (psychology)|compartmentalize}} away), and now to definitely have a more noticeably dark-skinned character (much more than Brock) technically taking the back seat, just like him? Hello, impressionable target audience!

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