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He's got a special lure, too?

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[[Image:BW035.png|thumb|right|Is Cilan the Dawn of Best Wishes?]]
Since Best Wishes aired one Thursday evening in late September of 2010, the fandom at large has done two things (among a vast amount of others): compared {{an|Iris}} to every female before her and {{an|Cilan}} to {{an|Brock}} (but never {{bp|Tracey Sketchit|Tracey}}, bless him). This is to be expected at the start of every cast switch, at least in the case of Iris. Since {{an|May}}'s introduction, {{bp|Ash Ketchum}}'s female companions have been expected to take a bit of the limelight away from our dashing hero as she pursues a dream of spotlights and stage magic. The female companion was no longer a background drop in the story of Ash's journey to becoming a Pokémon Master, and she had to be as unique, driven, and story-focused as he was. Well, Iris nailed the 'unique' aspect on the head with {{an|Misty}}'s old mallet, but appears to fall short of the rest. Little focus is given to her compared to her two other companions. Who does this sound like?

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