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He's got a special lure, too?

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In the romantic sense, both Iris and Cilan have that bone in their bodies, much like the girls and Brock have. But so far, Cilan seems to respect "love" more than Iris does. But then again, he seems to have more of a problem with Iris' manners while engrossed in the subject, as seen in {{bp|BW029|the Cottonee episode}}. Though between the two, Iris is more about giving advice that sounds a little strange, exaggerated, and unorthodox (something Brock excels at), while Cilan is mostly for supporting the endeavors that naturally transpire and any advice he does give straight out is sound (usually what comes from one of the female companions after Brock fails).
[[File:AmyEmmy Druddigon.png|thumb|left|240px|The path to become a Dragon Master]]
But this is where is begins to fall apart some. Cilan's goal to expand his Connoisseur knowledge by following the group is a passive profession, much like Brock's goal to be a top Breeder. Little battling is involved with either and is more hands-on work that is mainly practiced in specialized spaces. But Iris' goal is an active profession, that, much like Ash, involves needing active attention to the main focus of the series as a whole: battling and training with their partners. Some fraction of the fandom expresses dismay that despite aiming to be a Dragon Master, her only {{t|Dragon}} type wasn't even her first capture, nor does she seem particularly active in even getting her Axew up to snuff (eighteen episodes to master {{m|Dragon Rage}} and only two Pokémon the majority of the time? One she barely used on top of it all? Writers, what are you doing? Iris has nothing else to do). Though again to be fair, Dragon types are as scarce as Water types are abundant and are generally considered rare by default, given how only twenty of them are not legendary, compared to the fewer-species {{t|Ghost}}, which only has one known legendary Pokémon (ironically also part Dragon?). Whereas Misty could actively practice her skills in acquiring more Water types (when the writers felt to; see {{AP|Totodile}}), Iris admittedly has chosen to become the least easily portrayed type Master one could be. On the bright side, Unova has more than one generational, non-legendary evolutionary line of dragons to showcase, unlike Kanto and Sinnoh with one, Hoenn with two, and Johto with the tack-on {{p|Kingdra}}. But as always, those Unova dragons are nowhere near the early and middle parts of the journey. ''{{tt|Ganbare|Hang in there}}'', Iris!

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