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Smash has !. We need a new pic of Masuda. This reason is more sensible, though someone else should really confirm first before moving.
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picture=JunichiWhite Masudabox EN-US.png |
caption=JunichiPokémon MasudaWhite is one of the founders of Game Freak.boxart |
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year=2011 |
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tagline=Game directorAnnouncement to makebe announcementmade onduring 1stfirst anniversary of Black/Whitefirst Generation V games |
blurb=Junichi Masuda, one of the founding members of GameFreak and the currentGame Director ofJunichi the Board,Masuda is scheduled to appear on the ''Pokémon Smash!'' varietySunday, showSept. next sunday18, to make a "shockan announcement". }}
{{bp|Junichi[[File:Black Masuda}},box one of the founding members of {{bpEN-US.png|GameFreak}} and the current Director of the Board, is scheduled to appear on the {{bpthumb|Pokémon Smash}}Black variety show next sunday to make a "shock announcement".boxart]]
[[File:647.png|thumb|100pxGame Director {{bp|CouldJunichi theMasuda}} announcementis bescheduled to appear on the mythicalnext Pokémonepisode of {{bp|KeldeoPokémon Smash!}} orto make an announcement. Due to the nature of some of his past announcements, fans have speculated the announcement to be of a new game?]], among many others. This episode of ''Pokémon Smash!'' airs the same date as the first anniversary of {{game|Black and White|s}} - Sept. 18.
It''Pokémon Smash!'' is possibleset thatto thisair announcementpart mayof be{{bp|Mewtwo aReturns}} newnext gameweek. With that fact, as well as some hints from the most recent episode of the show, which aired today, a distribution event featuring {{bpp|The Pokémon CompanyMewtwo}} CEOis expected to be announced. Mewtwo has recently been heavily featured in advertisements for the TCG expansion {{bp|TsunekazuPsycho IshiharaDrive/Hail Blizzard (TCG)|Psycho Drive}}, didset stateto earlierbe thisreleased yearSept. that16 therealongside are''Hail moreBlizzard'', surpriseswhich comingfeatures {{p|Kyurem}}<!--this year,is andnot Nintendospeculating area havingthird aGen 3DS-relatedV pressgame. conferencethis onjust happens to be the 13thcase-->.
However, it is also possible thatJunichi thisMasuda mightpreviously bemade the official revealrevelation of the {{bp|MythicalGeneration V}} Pokémon {{p|Zorua}} and {{bpp|KeldeoZoroark}}; ason this''Pokémon Smash!''. As part of the group MTM, he has also appearancebeen isfeatured on the firstshow anniversaryperforming ofthe song {{bp|Pokémonbattle Blackgene andM|battle Whitegene Versions}}' release,with the singer battle woman M. The whichgroup hadperformed the {{bp|Libertysong Pass}}live whichduring allowedthe 2011 Pokémon World Championships and also during a player''Pokémon toSmash!''-related captureevent {{bp|Victini}}held availablelast fromSept. launch4.

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