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Bulbagraphic:Who's that Pokémon? (September 2011 edition)

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Blissey appeared in the manga when it was used by Emerald in the Pike Tournament. The Blissey was initially captured by Crystal but lent to Emerald for his use. He had initial success with it but it was eventually knocked out. In spite of this, it was a contributing factor to the defeat of Queen's {{p|Seviper}}. He had Blissey use Softboiled on {{p|Rapidash}}, and then Rapidash finished with {{m|Overheat}} to win the tournament. In the Trading Card Game Blissey is a very reliable card in certain decks. One way to use Blissey is by using a Blissey card that has a Special Ability that allows it to heal itself, and for it to have an attack that does decent damage. Blissey is also found in side games: {{bp|Pokémon Trozei}}, the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, and the Pokémon Ranger games.
Well, that's Blissey in an “egg shell”! Please look forward to another “eggciting” article where we will once again play “Who's That Pokémon?” And I hope you all continue to have “Blissful” season!

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