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Two pairs of episodes for October 2011 revealed

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[[File:Terebi Oct 2011.jpg|thumb|left|Terebikun]]
According to Terebikun (also known as ''Televi'', among other names), the {{bp|BW053|53rd episode}} of ''{{series|Best Wishes|Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!}}'' is set to air on Oct. 20. The episode 「アイリスとモノズ!育てや修行!!」 ''Iris and Monozu! Day Care<!--OR Daycare OR Day-Care--> Training!!'' features {{an|Iris}} befriending a {{p|Deino|Monozu}} at a {{pkmn|Day Care}} awaiting its {{pkmn|Trainer}} to return. On the other hand, the {{bp|BW054|54th episode}}, 「怪傑ア☆ギルダーVSフリージ男!」 ''Strange Hero A☆Gilder VS Freegeoman!'', is set to air Oct. 27. The episode features A☆Gilder, an {{p|Accelgor|Agilder}}-themed, motorcycle-riding hero, and his Agilder. Opposing him are the {{p|Cryogonal|Freegeo}} mask-wearing Freegeoman, who owns a {{p|Vanillish|Baniricchi}}, and his two henchmen, who are both dressed up as {{p|Vanillite|Vanipeti}}, the Pokémon they both have.
[[File:Gekkan Oct 2011.jpg|thumb|right|Gekkan TV Guide]]
Prior to this, Gekkan TV Guide revealed that on Oct. 20, 「ピカチュウのふしぎなふしぎな大冒険」 ''Pikachu's Big Mysterious Adventure'', {{bp|PK21|a Pikachu short}}, was to air instead of a ''Best Wishes!'' episode. According to the source, the 53rd episode of ''Best Wishes!'', 「虹の彼方へ!マラカッチでミュージカル!!」 ''Over the Rainbow!<!--song reference--> Maracacchi Musical!!'', was to air the week later. The episode features {{p|Maractus|Maracacchi}}, as well as {{bp|Pokémon Musical}}s.
It is currently unknown what will air on Oct. 20 and 27. Also, all concepts of three of the revealed episodes were featured in the latest series of [['Best Wishes!' preview clip reveals events of future episodes|preview clips]] for ''Best Wishes!'' episodes, alongside an episode featuring the {{bp|Alder|Champion}}, which was also revealed by Terebikun.
In English, Monozu is known as Deino, Agilder is known as Accelgor, Freegeo is known as Cryogonal, Baniricchi is known as Vanillish, Vanipeti is known as Vanillite and Maracacchi is known as Maractus.

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