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Three shadows unveiled

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The May 05 issue of Corocoro finally unmasks the 3 mysterious new pokemon shadows, Usohachi, Manene, and Manyuura, that have been circulating in the pokemon community the last month. Together with Munchlax and Lucario, we now have 5 pokemon of the 4th generation identified. These three new pokemon will make their first appearance in the upcoming 8th movie, Mew & The Wave Guiding Hero Lucario, in Japan.
About the new pokemon:
Weight: 34.0 kg
A black-bodied pokemon with a big crown and sharp claws. This pokemon usually travels in pairs instead of alone. From its appearance, it is logical to assume that it is an evolution of Sneasel.
Weight: 13.0 kg
A jolly pokemon that likes to mimic people and dance. Due to its gross resemblance to Mr. Mime, and the fact that it is classified under the Mime specie, it is likely to be Mr. Mime's pre-evolution.
Weight: 15.0 kg
A pokemon that likes to fake tears. In the movie, it joins Ash and co. with its quirky words. Corocoro speculated Usohachi to be grass type due to its plant-like appearance. The three-orb arrangement on its head resembles the hands of Sudowoodo, highly suggesting that they belong to the same evolution chain.

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