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setting up syndication
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<li>{{#if:{{{user|}}} | {{#switch:{{{type|news}}} |
syndicated=Article by <span class="plainlinks">[{{{userlink}}} {{{username}}}]</span> |
column|op-column=Column by [[{{{userlink}}}|{{{user}}}]] |
opinion=Opinion by [[{{{userlink}}}|{{{user}}}]] |
editorial=Editorial by [[{{{userlink}}}|{{{user}}}]] |
Reported on Bulbanews by [[{{{userlink}}}|{{{user}}}]]}} {{#switch:{{{sourcetype}}} |
pressrelease|othersite|magazine=<br/>{{source/{{{sourcetype}}}|1={{{sourcename}}}|2={{{sourcelink}}}}} | syndicated=Originally published on <span class="plainlinks">[{{{sourcelink}}} {{{sourcename}}}]</span> | none=<br/>{{color|{{red color}}|No source supplied}} | }} | {{Source/{{{sourcetype}}}|1={{{sourcename}}}|2={{{sourcelink}}}}}}}{{#if: {{{publisher|}}}|<br/>Edited by [[User:{{{publisher}}}|{{{publisher}}}]]|}}</li>
{| width="100%" style="background:transparent"
feature=E6E8FA |
local=FEE8D6 |
syndicated|column|op-column=E3B89B |
opinion=DDA0DD |
editorial=B9D3EE |
feature=EEB422 |
local=E3701A |
syndicated|column|op-column=986C4F |
opinion=68228B |
editorial=4372AA |
feature=385Jirachi |
local=551Sandile |
syndicated|column|op-column=534Conkeldurr |
opinion=572Minccino |
editorial=202Wobbuffet |
feature=This is a '''feature article'''. If you're using this, it's probably the wrong tag. Try again. |
local=This '''local article''' reports on an event in a specific geographical location. It may not be relevant for all readers. |
syndicated=This article was originally published on {{{sourcename}}} and is reproduced by Bulbanews with permission. The original text can be found <span class="plainlinks">[{{{sourcelink}}} here]<span>.|
column|op-column=This '''column''' has been written by {{{sourcename|{{{user}}}}}}. It expresses the views of the columnist, not necessarily those of Bulbagarden networks. |
opinion=This '''opinion piece''' has been written by {{{sourcename|{{{user}}}}}}. It expresses the views of the writer, not necessarily those of Bulbagarden networks. |
[[Category:{{Monthname/{{{month}}}}} {{{year}}}]]
{{#switch: {{{sourcetype|}}} | bulbanews|opinion-bn|editorial-bn|column-bn=[[Category:Articles by {{{sourcename|{{{user}}}}}}]] | syndicated=[[Category:Syndicated articles]] [[Category:Articles from {{{sourcename}}}]]|}}
{{#if: {{{user|}}}|[[Category:Articles by {{{user}}}]]}}
{{#if: {{{publisher|}}}|[[Category:Articles by {{{publisher}}}]]|}}

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