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InTo advance ofpromote the latest Pokémon movie, ''{{bp|M16|ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens}}'', McDonald's stores in Japan will be having new toys available to promote the movie. These toys will only be available at Japanese restaurants and will run from July 12 to 17. The new movie premiers on July 13.
There are fliers showcasing the new Pokémon toys at participating restaurants.
There are two sets of toys; the first set will be distributed from July 12 to 18, and the second from July 19 to 25.
==July 12 to 18==
File:McDonalds Pikachu Toy 2013.png|Pikachu
File:McDonalds Charizard Toy 2013.png|Charizard
File:McDonalds MewTwo Toy 2013.png|Mewtwo
File:McDonalds Eevee Toy 2013.png|Eevee
==July 19 to 25==
File:McDonalds PikachuOshawott Toy 2013.png|Oshawott
File:McDonalds CharizardStamp Toy 2013.png|Stamp toy
File:McDonalds MewTwoGenesect Toy 2013.png|Genesect
File:McDonalds EeveeEmolga Toy 2013.png|Emolga
File:McDonalds Oshawott Toy 2013.png
File:McDonalds Stamp Toy 2013.png
File:McDonalds Genesect Toy 2013.png
File:McDonalds Emolga Toy 2013.png

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