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Ken Sugimori artbook announced for May

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[[File:The Works of Ken Sugimori.png|thumb|The Works of Ken Sugimori]]
''The Works of Ken Sugimori: A 25 Year Portfolio from Quinty to Jerry Boy and Pokémon'' (杉森建の仕事 『クインティ』から『ジェリーボーイ』『ポケットモンスター』 25年間の作品集) is a retrospective artbook featuring the artistic work of Ken Sugimori and his time with Game Freak. The book will cover art from ''{{wp|Mendel Palace}}'' (known as ''Quinty'' in Japan), which was Game Freak's debut title released in 1989 on the {{wp|Nintendo Entertainment System}}, ''{{wp|Smart BoyBall}}'' (known as ''Jerry Boy'' in Japan), released in 1991 on the {{wp|Super Nintendo Entertainment System}} and Pokémon, Game Freak's most popular series, initially released in 1996.
Notable inclusions in the artbook include the ''Quinty'' manga, which has never been published in a collected format before, having only been published in chapter format in magazines. The collection sadly will not include a bulk of Pokémon information and artwork, as this an effort of the design team and not Ken Sugimori himself. This collection of illustrations, concept art and a 32 page long interview featuring artist Ken Sugimori will be 360 pages in length and available in Japan on May 27 for 1,998 yen.

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