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Japanese voice actress Kazuko Yanaga passes away

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blurb=Japanese voice actress Kazuko Yanaga passed away Saturday, Nov. 1 at the age of 67 due to sepsis. Known primarily for her work on anime franchises such as ''Ace o Nerae!'' and ''Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files'', she provided the voice of Kaneyo in(Madame ''Bull's Magnificent Life!?'' and ''Nyarth, Bull and Granbull!?''Muchmoney).}}
[[File:Kazuko Yanaga.jpg|thumb|Kazuko Yanaga]]
Japanese voice actress {{wp|Kazuko Yanaga}} passed away Saturday, Nov. 1 at the age of 67 due to {{wp|sepsis}}. She provided the voice of Kaneyo ({{bp|Madame Muchmoney}}) in {{bp|EP124}} and {{bp|EP175}}.
JapaneseBesides voiceMadame actress Kazuko Yanaga passed away SaturdayMuchmoney, Nov.some 1of ather theroles ageinclude ofRanko 67Midorikawa duein to sepsis. Known primarily''{{wp|Aim for herthe workAce!}}'', onSanada animeSato franchises such asin ''Ace{{wp|YuYu o Nerae!Hakusho}}'', and Fyana in ''Yu{{wp|Armored YuTrooper Hakusho: Ghost FilesVotoms}}'',. sheShe providedalso often performed the voiceJapanese dub of {{bpwp|MadameSigourney Muchmoney|KaneyoWeaver}} in, {{bpwp|EP124|Bull'sSusan Magnificent Life!?Sarandon}}, and {{bpwp|EP175|Nyarth,Jamie BullLee and Granbull!?Curtis}}. The staff and community of Bulbanews wish to honor Yanaga for her contribution to the Pokémon world and share our condolences with her family and friends.

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