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Can we catch ‘em all?: Generation II

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[[File:GenIIOfficialVersionTree.png|Generation II Official Version Tree]]
According to Nintendo, {{bp|Generation II}} was released to Japanese audience in 1999 with {{bp|Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions|Pocket Monsters: Gold and Silver}}.<ref></ref> They were marketed as the first {{bp|core series}} optimized for {{bp|Game Boy Color}} and advertisements heavily focused on the improved graphical aspects of the new system. However, the games were also accessible on any monochrome {{bp|Game Boy}} system. As with the previous generation, the Japanese titles were translated into the near-identical {{bp|Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions}} for release in the United States<ref></ref> and Australia in 2000. European release followed in 2001 with translations in French, Italian, German, and Spanish.<ref></ref> For the first time, a Korean-language version titled {{bp|Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions|Pocket Monsters: Gold and Silver}} was released in 2002.<ref>,manual </ref> Unlike all other version of the paired titles, this localization was only compatible with the {{bp|Game Boy Color}}.
The first set of paired releases was followed in 2000 with the Japanese release of {{bp|Pokémon Crystal Version|Pocket Monsters: Crystal Version}}.<ref></ref> This is the only {{bp|core series}} Japanese game to contain the term Version in its title, an apt choice considering the significant number of new features relating to a new mobile network. However, the version was still marketed as a remake of the initial paired titles of the series and not as a stand-alone selection.<ref> </ref>

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