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blurb=In partnership with the Nintendo Force, Bulbagarden is proud to be able to give away two copies of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon to new subscribers of NF Magazine }}

With the next generation of Pokémon nearly upon us, the [ Nintendo Force team] have devoted the November/December edition of [ NF Magazine] to {{bp|Pokémon Sun and Moon}}. In addition to sporting a special dual cover, Issue #24 will feature the biggest game preview feature they've ever done, shining all kinds of spotlights on all the ways the Pokémon series is breaking from tradition with these two new installments. They'll also be supporting that Sun and Moon coverage with other Poké-appropriate content too, including with the issue an Alola Region postcard, and a double-sided wall poster displaying the full map of the all-new Alola Region.
[[File:NFMagazine Issue24 Postcard.png |thumb|Alola Region Postcard included with NF Magazine Issue #24]]

In partnership with the Nintendo Force, {{bp|Bulbagarden}} is proud to be able to give away two copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon to new subscribers of NF Magazine for this bumper issue, who sign up before the subscription cutoff date of October 21st.

To put yourself in the running for one of these games, here's what you need to do.
# Sign up for a free [ Patreon] account if you don't already have one.
# Subscribe to NF Magazine via the [ Nintendo Force Patreon page]. Subscriptions start at $2.99 USD an issue (to receive digital copies only), up to $11.99 USD an issue (for readers outside the US and Canada wanting the physical edition of the magazine).
# Send the Nintendo Force team a Direct Message on Patreon, letting them know we sent you, and answering the question "What do you use {{bp|Bulbapedia}} for most frequently?"

Every new subscriber who signs up through this promotion will also receive a free back-issue of [ Nintendo Force Issue #19], which features their review of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, and a special round table interview with Bulbagarden's webmaster Archaic, and vice-webmasters Evil Figment, and Kogoro.

Contest winners will be notified by Nintendo Force in early November.

==Want more chances to win?==
In addition to this joint giveaway with Bulbagarden, Nintendo Force are also running a separate giveaway for people who become new NF Magazine patrons before October 21st. Two lucky winners who have their name drawn out of the hat will walk away with brand-new copies of Pokémon Sun or Moon (your choice), while three runners-up will get to go old-school with 3DS Virtual Console copies of Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow. To go into this draw simply retweet [ this Nintendo Force tweet] and [ share their Patreon page with your Facebook friends], and you'll be entered for this giveaway!

==Free Copy of NF Magazine Issue #16 also available for a limited time==
Not sure if you're ready to take the plunge without knowing more about what NF Magazine offers within its pages? For a limited time, the digital edition of the Super Mario Maker focused Issue #16: Warning! Construction Zone, has been made available free in the [ NF Magazine website store]. Take a look first, then subscribe if you like what you see!

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